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Sonos Play:1 Tone – ny Limited Edition fra Sonos.

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Sonos lanserer en ny Limited Edition av sin populære trådløse høyttaler Play:1. Den kommer i to ulike farger og har fått navnet Play:1 Tone.



Første gang Sonos lanserte en Limited Edition var i februar i år, og var knyttet til det legendariske plateselskapet Blue Note sitt 75 års jubileum – derav Blue Note Edition. I tillegg til å ha en spesiell fargebehandling i blåtoner, var det knyttet egne streamingmuligheter av Blue-Note sine utgivelser til denne LE-utgaven. Play:1 Blue Note Edition le produsert i et begrenset opplag, og ble ganske kjapt utsolgt.



Nå har Sonos kunngjort lanseringen av en ny Limited Edition av Play:1, og navnet er Play:1 Tone. Den produseres i to ulike farger – sort og hvit, og opplaget på verdensbasis er 5.000 stk. pr farge. Og det må innrømmes – de tar seg unektelig bra ut, særlig den sorte.


Lanseringsvideo for Play:1 Tone fra Sonos:



Les pressemeldingen fra Sonos:



Introducing the PLAY:1 Tone Limited Edition

Coming to Sonos.com on July 21st: An expression of Sonos sound and design in the purest form.

The moment you first see the (limited edition) SONOS PLAY:1 Tone you realize–it’s what isn’t there that makes it stand out. The understated design speaks volumes, and its compact size blends gracefully with any room in your home.



“We want our products to reframe how people think about technology in the home. Part of how we do that is by focusing on simple things with innate power. This was our focus on PLAY:1 Tone. It’s a meditation on essentials.” – Tad Toulis, Sonos VP of Design

The minimalistic tone-on-tone styling – presented in absolute black or pristine white – has a soft matte finish that looks as elegant as it feels. This same soft touch treatment flows all the way to the packaging, making your entire PLAY:1 Tone experience beautifully simple, from the moment you open the box and set it up, to the time you spend with it listening out loud.

And just like every Sonos PLAY:1, its two custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers fill the room with powerful, crystal clear sound. Listen to your favorite music from over 60 streaming services, controlled anywhere in the home from your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

The limited edition PLAY:1 Tone will be sold exclusively on Sonos.com for $250 USD, $280 CAD, €250, and £220, starting Tuesday, July 21st at 10am CET for European customers and 10am PT for US and Canadian customers.


This is a small quantity run. We only made about 5,000 in each color globally and expect to sell out quickly. There’s a limit of two per household. in advance for a reminder and visit Sonos.com on July 21st to claim yours.





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