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Shortly after the upgraded Vena II, Quad launches a variant that also includes streaming. It has a streaming engine based on DTS Play-Fi, And what's more natural than calling the child Vena II Play?

After an absence of nearly 5 years, the time is right to continue to feature Chicago albums in the series Chicago on a Sunday. We've come to Chicago VI, the album where the very first signs of a future change of style emerge

Saturday, 16 November 2019 13:47

Thalia - new handmade headphones from Erzetich

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Erzetich launch a new headset. It's not exactly a model that goes thirteen on the dozen.

Friday, 15 November 2019 17:36

Beovision Harmony 65 - A down-scaled flagship

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This spring, Bang & Olufsen launched a brand new TV model. Beovision Harmony 77 ”became the company's new flagship model.

TEAC launched a New turntable earlier this summer. It has so many interesting assets that I fell for the temptation to take a review.


Onkyo announced yesterday that the agreement entered into in May on the acquisition of Onkyo and Pioneer is being terminated.

A few weeks after Apple unveils its traditional fall launch with new iPhone models, the iPad and the 5th generation of the Apple Watch, the hugely successful arch rival Huawei arrive with two significant launches shortly after. It started with the iPhone competitor Mate 30 Pro, and now a competitor to the Apple Watch 5th generation - the Huawei GT 2

Saturday, 28 September 2019 09:16

PM7000N - new streaming amplifier from Marantz

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Marantz launch a new integrated mid-range amplifier. And it does a lot more more than amplifying the signal.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019 20:15

TX-RZ3400 - New flagship AV receiver from Onkyo

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Flagship receivers do not grow on trees nowadays. Therefore, they are far from renewed every year. But now is the time for Onkyo's flagship receiver - greet the TX-RZ3400.

Sunday, 25 August 2019 07:31

New 600-series from Denon

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Denon launch a brand new series in the budget class. The two products take over the baton from the 500 series.

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