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Personalized Linn LP12 Featured

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Are you struggling to find the right color for your LP12? Now you may choose from a palette of 22 colors.

The classic turntable Linn LP12 Sondek exists in countless variations, not least because of all the different upgrades you may perform, where the latest addition to this tribe is Karousel , an upgrade of bearing that we wrote about three weeks ago.

Color Matching

But Linn now also offers cosmetic customizations in addition to the five usual variants of materials on the plinth - Black Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Rosenut or Oak. Some would like to have a much larger color palette to choose from. Or maybe it`s the wife who would like the turntable and the rest of the stereo system to blend in as far as possible with the wallpaper? Or at least that the subjects should match the new sofa?

This is not really a totally new concept for Linn. The Series 5 speakers also have a slightly similar capability, in that the nearly full fabric feature can be selected from a palette that is about as wide as the color palette we now see for the LP12.


But the personalization doesn't stop there. For you can also get a completely personal monogram on the arm base. This is limited to four letters - if you have more initials than that, consider making a structural redeployment of your name.


Exact HiFi in Oslo is selling Linn in Norway


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