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OPPO Find X2 Pro - a new flagship that challenges any flagship Featured

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OPPO have launched a new flagship model where they obviously have ambitions for a place at the very top. These are the same goals we know the company from when they were king on the mountain of universal disc players.

Our first meeting with OPPO was 15 years ago, a year after the company was formed. Also at that time they stood out from the rest of the crowd with the DVD player OPPO Digital DV-971H . Not because it was necessarily any better than its competitors at the same price, but because it had a menu available in Nynorsk! And of course that was good enough reason why the Nynorsk enthusiast Arve had to take a review of the player .

A New paradigm for OPPO

The fact that OPPO subsequently made furore with more costly blu-ray players who were at the same time universal players is now history, and the same goes for the shameless HighEnd headphones. OPPO was the reference for anyone who wanted to deliver high-quality Blu-ray players, a troublesome reference.

But in 2018, OPPO announced that they would phase out the production of HighEnd audio and Blu-ray players, and a Hi-Fi and AV world set off abruptly. It was almost as if BMW announced that they would stop producing cars and rather focus the stronger on agricultural machinery. Or as if SME should stop producing tonearms for separate sales ...

But what might appear to be head-shaking for the audiophile market may have been a right decision for OPPO. Unfortunately, it tells about the development in the market for the segment we value so highly.

Mobile phones

Already in 2008, OPPO launched their first mobile phone, a rather cheerful case called Smiley Face. It was followed by the company's first smartphone Find Me, and through many model upgrades through the previous decade it ended with the predecessor of today's launch. The Find X stood out especially with a rude, elegant motorized camera solution.

Oppo currently has three camera series - Find X Series, Reno Series and A Series.

OPPO Find X2 Pro

This somewhat complicated detour leads us to the Flagship model that was launched this week. Via a three block long Keynote, the Find X2 Pro was duly presented as the first premiere mobile in two years. And immediately it was confirmed that OPPO do not hesitate when they get serious. Find X2 Pro is a premium model that aims to challenge Samsung's flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was launched a month ago.

Find X2 Pro isn`t  affixed by anyone who has received much attention in the market with folding or folding screens lately. Here, pure lines of restrained elegance apply.

Vegan Leather

This is obviously a new trend for the time being. We've seen it both on Huawei's Mate 30 Pro and on the all-new Matepad Pro, which launched just over a week ago. And the concept of Vegan Leather itself is obviously more contemporary than "artificial leather". It may give associations that it is sourced from a vegan cow…

Regardless of name, this appears to be a natural and elegant solution, which should at the same time provide good comfort and grip. And maybe better safety against injuries if the accident should be out?

For Find X2 Pro, Vegan Leather on the back is one of two options. The alternative is a version of Black Ceramic, which also looks appealing. But far more conventional.

Pocket Cinema

OPPO is following the trend from that edge of the world in that the 6.7-inch OLED screen is curved on the side edges. One of the main attractions is that it has a refresh rate of 120Hz. We also find this on Samsung's flagship model, but what distinguishes Find X2 Pro from the S20 Ultra is that on the latter you are  Limited to 2k while using 120Hz, while OPPO's flagship can do this at full resolution - 3168 * 1440 ( 3K QHD +). And on top of this, the screen has a touch refresh rate of 240Hz. This means that it scans the finger movements of the screen at a frequency of 240Hz - nice for gamers.

For use as a pocket cinema, it is useful that Find X2 Pro supports various HRD formats. It also supports Dolby Atmos, and has two sets of stereo speakers.

Battery and charging

The battery capacity of Find X2 Pro is quite medium for this segment. 4,260mAh is not sensational, but the charging time really is. Full charge occurs in 38 minutes, which was demonstrated in the 49 minutes. long Keynote on February 5th. OPPO's 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 ColorOS 7.1 has the credit for this charging speed. And OPPO means that this is safe charging that allows you to use your mobile during charging.


Of course, it could be tempting to keep the catchy camera system from its predecessor Find X, where the full-width camera section lifts via a motorized solution on top of the mobile. But everything has its time, and OPPO has prioritized weight and waterproofing, among other things. The old solution presented waterproofing challenges, while the new model achieved IP68.

OPPO itself claims that with the camera solution in Find X2 Pro is aimed at photo enthusiasts, not just average users who want good pictures. For the same reason, images can be saved in Raw format.

There are three cameras on the Find X2 Pro - a 48MP wide-angle lens, a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 13MP zoom telephoto lens. The latter has the option of 5x optical zoom, and 10x hybrid zoom should allow for 60x digital zoom. That soes not mean that there are pictures taken with 60x zoom are the ones you will use in photo exhibitions, and it is hardly the 100x zoom pictures you take with Samsung S20 Ultra either.

Perhaps just as important to the result is the quality of the picture pieces. On the two wide-angle cameras, OPPO has gone to Sony to buy chips, while Samsung has delivered the chip to the telephoto zoom.

OPPO's night mode is called Ultra Night Mode 3.0, and works on all three cameras.

In addition to the camera package on the back, the Find X2 Pro has a selfie camera. This is located as a small deserted island in the upper left corner of the screen. Whether this is less annoying than a small lip or bus pocket may be up to the individual to consider.


Find X2 Pro is equipped with 12GB memory and 512GB storage. This surpasses the vast majority, and is not beaten by anyone.

ColorOS 7.1

Together with the new flagship model, OPPO also delivers a new operating system. ColorOS 7.1 is a shell that goes on the outside of Adroid 10.

Little brother Find X2

At the same time as Find X2 Pro is launched a slightly less expensive variant that must do without "Pro" suffix. It is slightly smaller and has only half the storage capacity. However, most of the specifications are the same as for Find X2 Pro.

Prices and availability

Both models will be available in early May and will arrive in Europe.

The price of Find X2 Pro is advertised at 1,199 Euro, but the little brother Find X2 comes to 999 Euro.

OPPO Watch

In the same Keynote, OPPO showed a little glow of OPPO Watch, a smart watch with obvious inspirations of Apple's watch. There is not a lot of detail available to OPPO Watch, other than that it renders a "crown" and that the menu design has a different character than the Apple Watch. We will return with more info on OPPO Watch when available.

In the meantime, you can enjoy OPPO's Keynote


Read more about Find X2 Pro at OPPO

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