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Linn Krystal - new MC cartridge

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Linn has launched a new MC pickup in the Akurate level. The name is Linn Krystal.




Linn have still not forgotten where they came from - LP12 was what formed the basis of this Scottish producer. And despite the fact that there has been much focus on the digital domain at Linn latrely, they have spent two years developing their latest Pickup. Linn Krystal is placed in the Akurate segment, which means it is second in command pickup below the flagship Kandid.

The design is a nude Construction, and the needle is a nude Diamond that will have tracking force of 1.5 to 2.0 grams. Pickup mass is 7 grams.

Krystal is developed by Linn, and produced by a company called Armour.


Price in UK is set to 1190 UKP.

Read more about Krystal at Linn.



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