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Linn launch Exakt Akudorik and Akurate Exaktbox.

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Linn launch exciting new products in their new concept Exakt. We talk about Exakt Akudorik and Akurate Exaktbox.

A year ago Linn introduced a new concept which they called Exact, under the motto of the source is in the Speaker . This was connected to Linn's 40th anniversary, and they started with products in Linn's absolute top class - Klimax. The core of Exakt consept is digital crossovers, with the benefits this provides for custom crossovers without many of the analog crossovers` drawbacks. Linn has for many years been specialized in providing complete solutions for analog active crossovers, either for implementation within Linn's power amplifiers, or as standalone solutions where the filters are mounted in a so called Tunebox. The latter solution provides greater flexibility, since it can take anything of power amplifiers, regardless of manufacturer. And it is really this concept Linn has now continued in their new concept Exakt. Here the crossovers are digital, and the in ultimate variant power amplifiers are integrated in the speakers.

Later - in the spring of this year, the Exak Klimax was followed up with Exakt products in a little more popular enthusiast level, when Akurate series with floor speakers Akubarik did take part in the Exakt family. But still we are at a price level that excludes many from taking part in the Exakt concept.



Now Linn have been climbed another step down the price scale, as they launch new tripod speakers in Akurate segment adapted to Exakt. We talk about Linn Exakt Akudorik , bookshelf speakers which are based on the same 3k array of midrange and treble as Akubarik. The most unorthodox with Exakt Akubaroik is by and large not the speaker, but the stand. In this you will find the digital crossovers and brain, as well as four power amplifiers in each stand. 

Together with a set Exakt Akudorik speakers with stands, you have a source. The stand has also been given a special name - Dorik. And if we ignore Klimax products, you will need either an Akurate Exakt DSM, or Akurate DSM in the latest version which also has an output for Exakt Link - the digital transmission protocol used for Exakta system. Akurate Exakt DSM costs slightly less - about 4000 pounds. But this has less flexibility since it lacks the analog outputs which allows it to be used with other products. This you will have with the latest version of Akuraters DSM, which in return costs £ 5,850.

You can also even buy Exakt Akudorik without the special stands, if you plan to use those in other configurations than the Exakt. Or you want to take a phased development. And if you do not like the color of the speakers, it is somewhat reassuring that there are over 200 different colors and finish variations available.



But then we come to the most exciting product in this release. Linn Akurate Exaktbox is a bit of a Joker really. It is a modern response to Linn's Tunebox from the days of analog crossovers. An Exaktbox is a box with a mastermind and 10 pcs. of digital crossovers. The entrance is an Exakta Link, and still ten analog outputs, allowing you to choose between XLR and RCA. This sounds yet perhaps very unusual, but not overly exciting? It's probably just because you yet have not been told that this box can be configured to work with, in principle, any speakers. Already at the time of launch, there is a fairly extensive list of speakers from Linn who have already completed the configuration. We talk about:

Linn Klimax / Artikulat 350A
Linn Klimax / Artikulat 350 Passive
Linn Akubarik / Akurbarik Passive
Linn Akuraters 242
Linn Akuraters 212.
Linn Komri.
Keltika Linn
Linn Espek.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus!


But Linn is also working with these speakers, which is 'coming soon'

Linn Majik Isobarik
Linn Majik 140
Linn Majik 109
Ninka Linn
Linn Katan
Linn Keilidh




Otherwise, it is interesting to note that Linn have already taken the first step towards providing Exakt to custom speakers other than Linn's. A configuration of B & W's Nautilus are already in place, and they work with many more.


A complete setup with Linn Exakta Akudorik will have a price of around £ 17,500. It will include a Linn Akurate Exakta DSM and a set of Akudorik with the stands Dorik. Only speakers with stands will be about £ 13,500, while the racks Dorik alone is around £ 9,500. Dorika can also be used in combination with other speakers from Linn, like Akuraters 212.

The joker Akurate Exaktbox will be about £ 4000, but is not relevant if you buy a complete setup that includes Dorik stands. However, if you skip Dorika, Akurate Exaktbox will be actual in combination with the required number of power amplifiers.


Kontrapunkt and Musik-Magazinet import Linn to Norway.


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