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Linn Kazoo for iPhone and Android

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Linn has launched an updated version of the DS-app Kazoo. It contains a very long awaited feature.




Kazoo is Linn's app for managing Linn`s streaming system Linn DS. Until now it has been available for PC and Mac. And for the iPad.

Yesterday Linn launched one of many revisions of Kazoo. It has the lyric version name 4.9.57, that immediately may sound like the latest bugfix in a long series. But behind these figures hides something far more significant - support for iPhone. At the same time some improvements for iPad reside in this version.

In parallel with the release of version 4.9.57, Linn also launched a Version of Kazoo for Android.



Trial run:

I've taken a quick trial run with Kazoo for iPhone, on my Akurate DS. It confrms two obvious facts: - The screen surface of the iPhone 6 Plus is after all considerably smaller than an iPad. And - it is nevertheless very welcome having access to Kazoo on the mobile.


Read more about Kazoo for iPhone and Android at Linn .




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