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Ex3ma - Extreme Limited Edition Anniversary edition from Sonus Faber.

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Sonus faber has 30 years anniversary and marking it with a reincarnation of the tripod speaker Extrema in a different modern guise.

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The legendary loudspeaker manufacturer has headquartered in a building that may be associated with a musical instrument at the edge of Vincensa in northern Italy. In 1991 they created the masterpiece Extrema, a speaker who is still being valued and cared for by enthusiastic owners.

Sonus Faber Extrema anno 1991

Sonus Faber Extrema anno 1991


Now Sonus Faber celebrates 30-year anniversary, and in that connection they have made an anniversary edition of Extrema. It is a brand new construction where wood and carbon fiber are essential building materials in the complex housing construction.



Ex3ma is a 2-way speaker with a passive radiator in the back. Tweeter is a 30mm dome of beryllium with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), while midrange / bass maintained a 180mm element. Slave bass positioned at the rear is adjustable for tuning into the room and the location's bass response.



Needless to say, Sonus Faber produce special stands to the new ex3ma, and the total price is feared to reach a level where you can also select a moderately new car. But it is hardly as elegant as a Sonus Faber Ex3ma, not to mention the sound ..


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