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New budget range of surroundreceivers from Yamaha

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Yamaha has four new budsjetterceivere, and the largest models have several good news.

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A few weeks ago we reported about the new little man in Yamaha's budget series , which has five members in total, and extends to the middle class. Now Yamaha has launched the rest of the family in the 2014 edition - RX-V477, RX-V577, RX-V677 and RX-V777. Here are some news that is subordinate, while some of the news are important advances.

We mentioned Virtual CINEMA FRONT associated with the RX-V377, and it remains to be heard to conclude if this is usable. HDMI 2.0 , however, a significant innovation, and is available on the two largest models - the RX-V677 and RX-V777. The same applies for an updated version of Yamaha's proprietary room correction YAPO, as the two largest models also include YAPO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control).



The biggest innovation is that the three largest models have built-in Wi-Fi, and this has for some strange reason been a rare commodity, even quite high up in price classes for both Yamaha and competitors. You have been obliged to buy a wireless adapter, or using wired connection - optionally a bridge solution. Another innovation is that it also offers Wireless Direct. This is a direct network established between the Receiver and Transmitter. It provides additional flexibility by allowing you to operate wireless even in places that have not established a wireless router, or where the capacity or range of your wireless network creates limitations. A small step for Yamaha - a giant leap for mankind! The three highest modlels in the budget series has Wi-Fi and Wireless Direct.

Integrated Spotify and AirPlay are not news in this generation, but such essential functions that they are in order to repeat here. The same applies for Yamaha's good app for controlling devices from mobile devices.

USA edition of top model designation RX-V777BT, where BT is short for Bluetooth. This has integrated aptX , a handy Bluetooth based wireless streaming as we mentioned in our test of NAD D3020 . This is not in the European editions. It is not unusual with different specifications of the European and American models, and this time around we miss aptX on the RX-V777.


Read more about the new models at Yamaha .


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