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Electrocompaniet goes vinyl!

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Electrocompaniet produce the first turnable in the company`s history. Yes, we are talking about vinyl!

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Mikal Dreggevik informs that this turntable will be presented at the High-End in Munich May 17 to 20, 2014. This is a fresh initiative that thoroughly confirms that Electrocompaniet still is a heavy producer in the traditional HiFi and High-end segment, despite the fact that they also focus on volume market through its EC-Living series .

Dreggevik states that the turntable will be equipped with arm Jelco SA-750EB. Everything else being produced by Electrocompaniet. Also pickup will Electrocompaniet`s own, but is produced in partnership with another company.

We'll be back with supplemental information when we know more about Electrocompanie`s new turntable.

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