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Sonus Faber Il Cremonese - New prestige speakers in the Homage series

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Sonus Faber launch a new speaker in the prestigious Homage Series. Il Cremonese is a celebration of a violin by Antonio Stradivari with the same name, which has 300-year anniversary this year.




In 1715, Stradivari built a violin that originally went by the name Joachim. This was brought home to Cremona in 1961, 224 years after Antonio Stradivari died, and was then renamed Il Cremonese.

This violin was the first violin from Stradivari docked in Cremona in recent times, and is now at Fondazione Museo del Violino Atonio Stradivari Cremona. In conjunction with Il Cremonese`s  300 year anniversary in 2015, this museum has published a book and accompanying CD with music recorded on this violin.


In this video you can otherwise watch and hear music performed on the violin Il Cremonese:

For us who are audiophiles it is even more interesting that also Sonus Faber marks Il Cremonese`s 300 year anniversary. This manufacturer is located in Vicenza, a "stone's throw" from Cremona, at least if you are able to throw stones 160 km in easy terrain over large parts of the Pianura Padana.

Sonus Faber Il Cremonese is a speaker located in the middle segment of the Homage Series, with a price tag in the neighbourhood of Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage. It is derived from the far more expensive model Sonus Faber Lilium.



Cabinet of Il Cremonese has a vice sided structure, that Sonus Faber calls "Rhombodial diamond design", easily recognizable from Lilium. Both cabinet shape and internal reinforcements eliminates resonance.

Il Cremonese is a four-way construction. If we start at the bottom below 80Hz, we find the Woofer SW 22 XT-08, "infra-woofers" with diameter of 220mm. There is also adopted a principle that Sonus Faber calls Stealth Reflex, derived from Sonus Faber Aida.



In the area 80-250Hz the 180mm W18XTR-12 takes over, and the midrange is also attended by 180mm elements - M18 XTR-04. Above 2500 Hz is the Sonus Faber`s "Arrow Point» damped Apex Dome playing.


The manufacturer's specifications:


25 Hz – 35.000 Hz, Stealth reflex included. 

92 db SPL (2.83V/1 m). 

4 ohm. 

100W – 800W, without clipping. 

30 V rms.


1449,6mm x 398,23mm x 621,8mm 
57.07’’ x 15.68’’ x 24.5’’ 

84 Kg / 184.8 lbs each – net weight



Sonus Faber is distributed in Nørway by Mono AS.

Read more about Il Cremonese at Sonus Faber


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