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Chameleon - new speaker series from Sonus Faber

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Italian Sonus Faber launches a brand new speaker series. The name Chameleon indicates what is the most unique design concept of this series.




Sonus Faber is in the spotlight these days. Both internationally and in Bergen. We start with the international part, where the launch of a brand new speaker series from this manufacturer from Vicenza in northern Italy constitute the essence.

The speaker series Chameleon consists of three models, where the model range enables the series to be relevant for both stereo and multi-channel setup. We talk about flooring speaker Chameleon T, standmount speaker Chameleon B and center speaker Chameleon C.



Despite the fact that the design is very distinctive and is very different from the previous ranges from Sonus Faber, there are also very obvious family elements in the design. The reclined front we recognize from most of the series from SF, at least if we take into consideration tilting made by tripod design and spikes. The same applies to careful detailing and quality of materials, which is also in the top class on Chameleon, judged by the pictures.



But what is most striking design concept is still very new. For the leather- cabinet is surrounding the side panels in any color, and where you later for a very manageable amount of money can switch panels to another color to customize speakers to changed interior. Or taste.

Side panels are available in 6 different colors - black, white, red, orange, metal gray and metal blue.





Floor model Chameleon T is a three-way ventilated construction. A 29 mm tweeter and a 6-inch midrange assisted by two 180mm woofers. Crossover Frequencies respectively at 2.5 kHz and 250 Hz, and a frequency range from 38 to 25,000 Hz. There is a relatively high sensitivity of 90dB in these 4 ohm speakers.

Price in Norway is 21 990, - pr. pair, including a set of side panels in any color.


Also tripod speaker Chameleon B is a vented construction, and shares the floor model`s tweeter and midrange elements. But here one must cope without the two woofers, which raises rollof in the lower frequencies to 50Hz - which is still respectable for a compact bookshelf speaker. Symptomatic enough sensitivity is slightly lower on a tripod speakers - 87dB.

Price in Norway is NOK 9990, - including side panels. Extra side panels costs NOK 1.995, -.


The center speaker Chameleon C differs slightly from the other two in that it is a closed construction. Also here we find 29 mm tweeter, but valued as might look like double 6-inch midrange / bass is in reality only one, where the second element is a slave bass. Crossover frequency between tweeter and midrange is lowered to 2 kHz, while the frequency range and sensitivity is the same as Tripod speaker.



Chameleon place themselves at the bottom of Sonus Faber its price segment. It will thus be a direct competitor to price ratio most affordable Venere models in their respective categories. This despite the Chameleon series are handcrafted in Vicenza, unlike Venere.


Importer in Norway is Mono AS .

Read more about Chameleon with Sonus Faber .




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