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Notification to neighbors! Testing of Sonus Faber Chameleon B in action

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A review set of Sonus Faber's fresh speaker Chameleon B has landed a few days ago, and has given rise to a hectic musical activity at Sydneshaugen. Neighbours will be requested patience. 



Sonus Faber's totally fresh speaker series Chameleon appeared on the scene just before Easter, and we made ​​a news article about it immediately. By the virtue of being a handmade speaker manufactured in Italy this seemed so interesting that we did a deal with the importer on test stand model Chameleon B.

After playing a test setup for a few days, it has already made his mark as  highly engaging and full of character. More I will not reveal yet.

It will test with streamer and amplifiers from both Linn and Naim, and with and without subwoofer. And who knows, maybe they will have a short dance with a well-kept NAD 3020 in the end?

Stay tuned!


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