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Discogs app. A small step for discogs - a giant leap for record collectors

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Discogs has launched a new app for iOS. We have had a small test drive.


Discogs is perhaps the most popular database for record collectors, at least for vinyl. There is a formidable amount of recordings at Discogs. And the strength - and in some cases also the weakness is that there are also lots of different pressings available. The latter is depening on some of the users having registered the appropriate pressing.

This is great for those who want to register their record collection at the most detailed and precise level, while those who think it is enough to register a vinyl edition of Waiting for Columbus can easily experience the various pressings as a bureaucracy.

Anyway, discogs perceived as somewhat indispensable for those who have a great record collection. Because your registration of the record collection is available online when you log in, you also have access to Your collection anywhere where there is network access or access to mobile data. Whether you have a PC / Mac or a smartphone or tablet, you can get thre overview in a short time. Very convenient if you areat a trade trip for second hand vinyl, and was a bit unsure if you had this recording from before.

At the Smartphone you have previously been forced to enter Discogs via a web browser. Rather okay, but has its limitations. But now discogs launched a free App for iOS and they are also working on a similar app for Android.


A quick test drive.

We've made a short test run to see what this new app mettle. And it is immediately obvious that the benefits instead of using mobile browser is overwhelming. Here you have access to your entire collection on one page, while the browser gets up a maximum of 25 sheets in're at. You'll also see publication without going into the individual recording.

Kudos to discogs - keep up the good work!


More information at Discogs


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