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The Terrace - Samsung's first outdoor TV Featured

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Samsung is expanding its Lifestyle series with TVs. The Terrace is Samsung's very first outdoor TV.

Korona has created new needs and new market segments. Outdoor TV we didn't see coming, but obviously Samsung did. And although they must have been thinking that idea for a while before the corona epidemic broke out, it still was undeniably good timing. Because when travel activities are greatly reduced, there will be greater need and leeway to enjoy themselves in the garden or on the terrace. And then we need a fucking good TV out there ...

Samsung Lifestyle

Samsung has had its Lifestyle series with QLED-Tver in a slightly exclusive price range for a while. The Frame showcases art when the TV is not in action, while The Wall is a jam-packed TV that blends in with the wall. And the latest addition The Serif is a TV with an unusual design.

The Terrace

The latest addition to Samsung's Lifestyle TV series was launched today, May 22, 2020. It's called The Terrace, and is Samsung's first outdoor TV. It has an IP55 rating, which indicates that it is protected from limited dust penetration and is protected from low pressure water jets from all directions.

It is obvious to be concerned about whether the screen works in the bright light that can often be outdoors. Samsung claims it does, and it also has Adaptive Picture that adjusts the screen brightness to the ambient lighting level.

Like most of today's TV, The Terrace is a Smart TV, and comes in three sizes - 55, 65 and 75 inches. The model being launched now is a consumer model, while a professional model for outdoor use will be launched later this summer.

The Terrace Soundbar

Samsung is also big on soundbars, and they have created their own model dedicated to The Terrace TV. And what could be more obvious than calling it The Terrace Soundbar. It is a 3.0 model with 210 watt amplifiers.

Also, The Terrace Soundbar has IP55 rating, and withstands extreme temperatures according to Samsung. Samsung has also posted something they call Distrorion Canceling, which will cancel the distortion before it goes out into the open.

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