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Tuner 2 and Tuner XL - two new portable radios from JBL Featured

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JBL has launched two new portable radios today. One replaces the JBL Tuner, while the other one is a brand new model.

Many of us get a slightly blurred and nostalgic look when we hear the word portable radio. And for those of us who grew up in the 60's and started their teens just before we turned into the 70`s, we often get associations with Radionette Kurer and Tandberg's travel radios. Or maybe to B&O's narrow Beolit-series portable radios from the 70s? Yes, we just have to realize that there are other times now. Bluetooth has taken over, and FM is over for this time ...

But the modern portable radio is not dead at all. Only other actors have taken over, and the appearance is not recognizable from the old portable radios from the days when time was young, and so were we. And even though Bluetooth has made its entry into the portable units, there are still some who hold the radio part as well. Both DAB and FM, although the latter may not make such great use in Norway at present.

JBL launched the JBL Tuner portable radio a couple of years ago. This was a combined DAB / DAB + / FM radio and bluetooth speaker. It mingles effortlessly among JBL's pure blue-tooth speakers, and has a look that makes it not stand out in a company with a fellow JBL Flip and Charge.

JBL Tuner 2

Today JBL announces that this portable radio will be renewed for the summer. Tuner 2 is both more powerful and improved in several areas. Battery life increases from 8 to 12 hours, and the design gets a new and fresh summer hairstyle, with a much larger and more readable display. JBL also claims that the sound is improved in the new model.

Tuner 2 is still capable of playing both DAB and FM, although the latter is on hold in Norway until someone comes to better thoughts again. And with bluetooth, you may play music from Spotify and TIDAL from your mobile.

Should you wish to bring JBL Tuner 2 to the beach or pool, it is guaranteed for a carefree stay. With IPX7, Tuner 2 has the same classification as JBL Boombox 2 , the party king we wrote about a few weeks ago.

JBL Tuner XL

Tuner XL is a brand new travel radio from JBL. It is significantly larger than the Tuner 2, and also has a different and more upright design. It has the same features as Tuner 2, but the playing time is increased to 15 hours before it claims need for refueling. And Tuner XL also has IPX7 certification, which says it can withstand water down to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes.

The design of the Tuner XL has a form factor that makes it perhaps at least as close to a use indoors as outdoors, where the more youthful Tuner 2 has a more natural domain.

The radio in both models has pre-storage of 5 stations.

The new models will be available in June.

Recommended price for JBL Tuner 2 is NOK. 1.000, -

Recommended price for JBL Tuner XL is NOK. 1.500 -

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