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JBL CLUB - new series of wireless headphone Featured

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JBL has launched a new range of wireless headphones. The two largest models have the ANC

JBL boasts that the new JBL CLUB headphone series brings professional audio technology combined with user-friendly features and HighEnd design.


According to the manufacturer, the flagship model JBL CLUB ONE is packed with advanced technology, including drivers of graphene, a material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern . CLUB ONE also features True Adaptive Noise Canceling technology.

The 40mm drivers of orange graphene contribute to JBL Pro Sound. This material has very low weight, high conductivity and stiffness, according to JBL, has been selected for its ability to reduce distortion and increase precision.

True Adaptive Noise Canceling is JBL's most advanced variant of the ANC, and is said to be on par with the leading noise cancellations. If it holds what JBL promises we hope a test will reveal, but the system assumes that the ambient noise is measured 50,000 times per second. and compensates in real time for sound leaks caused by hair or other leaks.


The second-in-command of the new series is called the JBL CLUB 950NC, and has an easier noise cancellation than the top model.

Minimalist JBL CLUB 700BT is a more compact construction that lacks ANC.

Common to the whole series is that they have leather headband, metal hinges and interchangeable ear pads. All models are also HighRes compliant and communicate via Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring stable connection.

All models are compatible with Google Assist and Amazon Alexa voice control. The My JBL Headphones app lets you customize listening preferences and sound profiles from well-known DJs.


Price for JBL CLUB ONE: NOK 4.190, -

Price for JBL CLUB 950NC: NOK 2.990, -

Price for JBL CLUB 700BT: NOK 1.790, -



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