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Ballfinger Tape Deck M 002 P - the third in the series from Dusseldorf Featured

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German company Ballfinger launches their third reel-to-reel tape deck in no time. And it does not arise in a vacuum.

The man behind Ballfinger is industrial designer Roland Schneider, and he started the company in 2005. But it didn't start with either Band Players in particular or HiFi in general. On the other hand, precision watches in the HighEnd segment were something he gradually specialized in.

And it was perhaps this background from precision mechanics that made the advancement of tape recorders and players a natural step.

The first model was the M-063, a machine with huge, classic dimensions. This has gradually crystallized into two variants - the Recorder M-063 H5 and the pure playback machine M-063 HX. Ballfinger has also made their own demo tape at tape specialist Analogy Records , a company we wrote about a few years ago.

Ballfinger Tape Deck M 002 P

Ballfinger has also been fartner of Thorens in this Swiss vinyl veteran's Tape debut a year ago. We made superficial acquaintance with this beauty in Munich last year, and it is obvious that the new machine Tape Deck M 002 P is Ballfinger's incarnation of this collaboration. There is a lot of common thinking and alignment with the Thorens TM1600 , not least the exceptionally compact construction.

Like the TM1600, the Tape Deck M 002 P is also a pure playback machine, so if you are looking to record your own recordings, head over to Tape Machine M 063 H5 if you want to stick to Ballfinger's range. At the same time, you need to be prepared to invest about the same amount you need to spend for a compact car.

Ballfinger's specifications for Tape Deck M 002 P:

  • Super flat and compact design for horizontal and vertical operation
  • External DC power supply
  • Reel size up to 30 cm
  • Belt drive capstan motor and direct drive reel motors
  • 2 speeds switchable from 19 cm / s to 38 cm / s
  • Edit function manually one-handed
  • High resolution digital counter
  • ¼“ Stereo with 2,00 mm or 2,75 mm track width
  • Playback tape head direct to balanced XLR output

Tape Deck M 002 P is expected to be available by summer 2020.

Read more about Tape Deck M 002 P at Ballfinger


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