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Firmwareoppdatering til Oppo

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Oppo har kommet med firmwareoppdatering til de to signalspillerne BDP-103 og BDO-105.

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Dette er innholdet i oppdateringene, hentet fra Oppo sine websider:

  1. This Public Beta firmware is designed to work with a new version of the Apple iOS control application, Media Control HD V2.0 for iPad and iPad mini, which adds new features such as SMB access, album art display, media category support, and the ability to post to popular social networks. This application will be available on the App Store shortly.
  2. Added automatic sorting of content when accessing files via SMB. The files/folders are now sorted in alphabetic order.
  3. Improved CUE file support. Now a CUE file can point to multiple music files located in the same folder.
  4. Resolved an error related to configuring the BDP-105's dedicated Stereo Audio Out. Customers had reported that audio from the surround channels can still be heard from these dedicated Stereo Audio outputs even though "Stereo Signal" has been set to "Front Left/Right".
  5. General disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

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