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Quintet - new MC series from Ortofon.

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Danish Ortofon is launching a new series MC pickups. Quintet is the name, and they will be awailable in January.

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Ortofon report that they are launching a brand new series of Moving Coil Pickups. Concurrent with the launch of the Quintet series, there are reports that the series Rondo and Vivo expires.

The new range consists of lightweight structures, and also particularly low compliance, which provides a good base for match with light arms.

There are five different structures Quintet series, one in mono and four in stereo. Mono-pickup has termed Mono , while the other four in ascending rank the colors Red , Blue , Bronze and Black .


We do not know the exact prices in Norway yet, but it is expected to ¨ be on from a little above two thousand NOK, to between six and seven thousand NOK for the most expensive model - Black.

Read more about Quintet at Ortofon.


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