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Crusher Evo - new headphones from Skullcandy Featured

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Skullcandy's headphones are loved and hated for their special bass concept. Skullcandy is now launching a new and improved version of these variable Sensory Haptic Bass headphones.

Skullcandy is a rather special manufacturer that has a skull as a logo, and thus signals that this is not exactly a miss manufacturer. They have a rich selection with both earplods and over-head headphones in the portfolio, and it is perhaps the headphones in the Crusher series that are the most interesting.

In addition to being ordinary headphones for regular music listening and other headphone use, they have a very special feature. They have something Skullcandy calls Sensory Haptic Bass. This is a special form of bass reproduction that initiates vibration is on the skull. This can be adjusted steplessly with a separate lever on the headphones.

We know that this is not suitable for everyone, and what we have registered of reactions is everything from wild excitement to head-shaking rejection. We hope to be able to test this ourselves soon.

Crusher Evo

Skullcandy is now launching a new and improved version of the Crusher called the Crusher Evo. This is a model without noise cancellation, but it will have a number of other improvements compared to the Crusher ANC.

Crusher Evo, like the other models, has an adjustable sensory bass, and in this new model there will be a version of this special bass that is further improved. In addition, Skullcandy has initiated a collaboration with the Swedish Audiodo personal adaptation of the sound with a personalized hearing profile. This is done via Skullcandy's own app, and is done via a test procedure for the right and left ear. Skullcandy claims that this technology automatically adapts incoming signals to the right and left ear in accordance with the test result.

Battery life

Crusher Evo operates with 40 hours of use. This is not unique, but still very good, and definitely in the upper tier. In addition, the Crusher Evo has a fast charging function that will provide 4 hours of use time with only 10 min. charge. Absolutely useful if you find that you have a flat battery when you are on the go.

The previously mentioned app also allows for EQ and various pre-stored listening profiles. And should you put them away, they also have Tile ™ Finding Technology which allows you to find them using your mobile.

Read more about Crusher Evo at Skullcandy


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