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The PMC Twenty5 series comes in an improved version Featured

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The English speaker manufacturer is launching an enhanced version of the popular Twenty5 series. The new series is named Twenty5i.

PMC is located in Biggleswade, approximately midway between Cambridge and Milton Keynes, an hour north of London. Founded in 1990, the company really started as a studio monitor manufacturer for the professional market, hence the name PMC is short for The Professional Monitor Company Limited.

But over time, they have received a lot of attention around speaker series for the HiFi sector. Not least, it applies to the Twenty5 series, which was launched in 2016. With a location in a moderate price range, it has at times been explained by genius. Not least, it applies to the top model, a three-way floor speaker.

The series is now therefore replaced by updated models that get an i added at the end of the model name. And since it is not very likely that this i stands for injection , I do not expect to get any scoop price for guessing that the i is short for for improved .

Twenty5i Series

The series consists of the two standmount models Twenty5i.21 and Twenty5i.22, and the two floorstanding two-way speakers Twenty5i.23 and Twenty5i.24. In addition comes the three-way flagship speaker in the series, the Twenty5i.26, as well as the center speaker Twenty5Ci.

SONOMEX treble

The foundation of the upgraded series is a new treble. This is a 19mm SONOMEX ™ with soft-dome design, a driver sourced from PMC's more expensive series. A development has made it possible to use it with a lower crossover frequency, which PMC believes provides better conditions for listening positions outside the sweetspot.

Unchanged midrange / bass

The lower crossoner frequency in the two-way designs has also provided better working conditions for the midrange / bass drivers. These are 130mm or 165mm drivers, depending on the actuai model. These drivers are unchanged from their predecessors. It is probably the fact that it is only the tweeters that are new that is why PMC has found no reason to develop an upgraded version of the subwoofer in the series.


Also unchanged is PMC's special ATL, or Advanced Transmission Line. This includes the Laminair system for bass ventilation, which was originally developed for PMC's top models. You can read more about the Laminair concept at PMC .


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PMC is imported to Norway by Norsk Audioteknikk



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