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Moonriver Audio has arrived Norway Featured

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Hagto Audio has got a new, interesting agency. We are talking about Sweedish Moonriver Audio.

Moonriver Audio is a fairly new amplifier manufacturer, with distinct product philosophies. So far they only have one amplifier in the range, but still they have a price list that contains 6 different model variants. The answer, of course, is a modular construction. We will return to that later.

The amplifier is both designed and built in Sweden, and is assembled by hand. We are talking about rather local stuff, here.

Model 404.

This integrated amplifier named Model 404 is an amplifier that delivers 2x50 watts in 8 ohms. Four analog inputs and a tape loop are combined with two pre-out and a single set of speaker terminals.

Balance control is not mandatory on pre-amplifiers nowadays, but this trend freaks Moonriver Auidio. They believe this is an important detail for many setups, where a small asymmetry in speaker placement or acoustic conditions could easily create imbalance, that may be important to compensate.

Classic and modern.

It has a relatively classic design, but combined with modern features. A cabinet that is decorated with walnut sides clearly produces retro vibrations. Solid aluminum buttons complement a quality impression.

Another example of Moonriver Audio picking up classic elements is that they have a stereo / mono switch. Especially intended for vinyl enthusiasts, of course.

Modular design

We mentioned initially that the Model 404 has a modular design. And here are two slots for modules - phono and DAC module respectively.

We start with the phono module, or rather the modules. For there are two variants here - a pure MM module and a combined MM and MC module.

The second module is a DAC module. Here we find an AKM 4490 DAC chip in an XMOS USB asynchronous interface. There are separate clocks for 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rate, and it supports PCM up to 384 kHz


Below you will find the Norwegian price list for all the different variants of basic amplifier and any additional modules.

  • Model 404 NOK 29.900
  • With MM Riaa NOK 32.800
  • With MM/MC riaa NOK 34.700
  • With USB DAC NOK 35.700
  • With MM riaa and USB DAC NOK 38.600
  • With MM / MC riaa and USB DAC NOK 40,500

Moonriver Audio is imported to Norway by Hagto Audio

Read more about Model 404 at Moonriver Audio

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