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In this department you can find equipment reviews, and larger articles about other subjects.

Some HiFi manufacturers have over many years been performing to such a high level that they almost by default are written into the HiFi elite. Sonus Faber is a such manufacturer. The disadvantage of this status is that the fall height becomes very big if they don`t perform in accordance with the expectations. Can the naughty innovation Chameleon B be such a case, or will Sonus Faber manage to land on their feet also this time?


Monday, 03 August 2015 17:51

REVIEW: Naim UnitiQute 2 - the little giant

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Naim was one of the first brands launching smart solutions for integrated streamers. UnitiQute 2 the smallest of them, and I've been fiddling around with it in a thorough test round.


This story started when I was given a CD-player for free. Actually, it was part of an entire stereo setup, but the CD-player was the only part that reaIly caught my interest. It was a Philips CD 615, a rather cheap “plasticy” thing, but much to my amazement, it proved to sound better than anything I`ve previously had, including big, heavy and expensive ones. It sports a TDA 1543 DAC, known as a minatyrization of the famous TDA 1541. Actually, I wasn`t all that amazed, because after reading lots of vintage columns in the hi-fi magazines, I learnt that the Philips`s were highly sought after for their almost indestructible transports, the CDM-series, and their TDA 1540-series DAC`s.   


Not surprisingly, Sony introduced a new range of Blu-ray player also this year. I have tested the most affordable model, and it is not to e denied that it has its tags.


Saturday noon may be used for so many things, and some of those are more rewarding than others. At Støletorget in Bergen Renaisance Audio has once again hosted a great session in collaboration with Audiofreaks.


When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Usually...

Musikk-Magazinet in Bergen had a visit from the Swiss speaker manufacturer Piega and the Chinese electronics manufacturer Auralic the end of the first week in March. We had two visits - read our report.

I just bought a 30 year old “second hand new” Philips CD-player. So I guess that an explanation is in order.

A short walk through the city center of Bergen from Sydneshaugen ends at Støletorget. It's Saturday morning, and Roald Mikkelsen Renassance Audio as always offers both a nice chat and good sound from exciting products.

Wednesday, 07 January 2015 23:13

Swissonor VSOP integrated tube amp – review

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This fetal guy is available in two editions. Before you start playing this amp, you must be aware that entry No. 1 is for MM-pickups. Connecting to a casual signal source can get a complete shock up properly, like I did when I put line signal here. But with Swissonor`s modified Thorens TD 160 with Ortofon 2M Red, it works the way it should - and with surprisingly positive movements in addition. Or you must pursue an edition without RIAA ..

Friday, 05 December 2014 12:40

MQA Lossless from Meridian

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Yesterday Meridian audio launched their new audio format MQA Lossless. It can prove to be a milestone for parts of music distribution.

Friday, 10 October 2014 04:44

Hi-Fi klubben demonstrates Heos

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Denon's new investment in a competitor to Sonos was yesterday demonstrated by Hi-Fi klubben. was present in Bergen.

In our new series "An Audiophile point of view", the renowned industry player Peter Djordjevic in Audio Freaks has written a text that he has been working on for some time. Peter is known for his bold expressions of opinion, and in this article he is claiming unfiltered statements. It is also an eye-opener that will educate most of us. We thank Peter for allowing us to publish this article, and promise that you will not get bored while reading it.

Thursday the Musik-Magazin in Bergen audiotion with the lighter extreme HighEnd stand Guarneri Evolution speakers from Sonus Faber. was present.

A few weeks ago Pro-Ject launched a new super compact box that can solve most tasks you could wish for in 2014. I just had to check out the manufacturer's claim that there is an audiophile amplifier inside.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014 22:01

Dolby Atmos White Paper

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After the audience have lived in the dark when it comes to some technical details in connection with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Labs now give us a couple of White Papers.

Today, we present a new database of universal disc players. There is a list of all the players we know of that can play both Blu-ray and SACD.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 06:33

REVIEW: Paradoxal Cable Fun - Finale

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Considering all the parameters I have tested with different cables this time there need to be a proper sum up.

The speaker cables.


Here is the biggest chapter in the cable business. If I would like Paradox reference cables for bi wiring the price would be around 6 thousand bucks. I compared these cables to my old and reasonably priced Synergistic research, which has been in my system since 2004, and which I haven't found a good reason yet to change, even if there has been some alternatives since then.



At first I would try "Edison", a sudden defy so stiff that it almost is impossible to talk about it, and the only sensible gear to use, was the riaatrinnet Manley Chinook.

"The link"


On this field I have more experience, and have earlier discovered that with the right signal cable you will have not only noticeable but even remarkable improvement in the sound.

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