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REVIEW: Bloodride - Roald Dahl on a diet Featured

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On the well-chosen day on Friday 13, Netflix launched the Norwegian series Bloodride. The series travels on paths drawn by an English author with Norwegian ancestry, at a time when the TV world was relatively young.

We who were young in the 70s, and not so troublesome old in the 80s either have fond memories of the fascinating series "Tales of the unexpected" with cinematic short stories by the equally fascinating author Roald Dahl.And it was by no means average short films. The films had a hallmark of excitement, a bit of unease and a surprising final score with a hint of twinkle in their eye. Not least the latter was an important supporting ingredient in the films. And then they were characterized by very high quality, reflecting the author's quality.When this series of Roald Dahl appeared in 1977, it didn't happen in a historical vacuum. Among other things, in 1959, the first batch with "The Twilight Zone" arrived, a series with many of the same ingredients, but perhaps not with the same degree of sophistication.


The series Bloodride is developed by Kjetil Indregård and Atle Knudsen. These have worked together in the past, and are behind, among other things, Christmas in the Swing. Separately, Kjetil Indregård has created Maniac, while Atle Knudsen is behind several episodes of Zombielars. The company Monster is standing behind this Netflix series that premiered a bit over week ago, while Geir Henning Hopland has been director.

And as the introduction suggests, the Bloodride series follows in the footsteps of Roald Dahls. The series consists of six standalone episodes in just under half an hour. All episodes are linked to a vignette that consists of a mysterious nightly bus ride in which participants from all episodes are passengers.

The six stories are in no way lacking in any strange ingredients, although horrpor may not be exactly the words I would use. We are being served stories with partly different character, stories where there is never a shortage of elements with evil intentions. Surprising endings are also not in short supply. So far, the series keeps up with Roald Dahl's old merits.

Where it boils is of quality. Unfortunately, for the series Bloodride does not reach Roald Dahl`s surprising stories to his knees. Actor performances are mediocre at best, and it is somewhat easy on most stories. With an exception or two, you sit back with a luscious taste.

What still makes the series worth mentioning, many of us are still motivated to continue on to the next episode. For the genre is catchy, and it must also be admitted that this is quite entertaining. And just the surprise moment is not always very predictable. The series appears in 4k on Netflix, at least in normal times, and both sound and video quality is good. So let's give the series a four, after all!


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