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With extremely heavy-duty loudspeakers, I sometimes wonder if I have painted myself into a corner. When it takes around 70 watts to reach the 96 dB limit in listening position, it is not easy to obtain amplifiers that can be sent as normal surface mail. So my reference amplifier has not been challenged for some years. That has suddenly come to an end...

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Thursday, 28 November 2019 20:36

Vera Audio - new Norwegian HiFi brand

In Bergen there is a bit of everything happening, also within HiFi. And one of those things going on is that a brand new HiFi brand is emerging from the unknown.

That is -  Bjørn Omholt, the man behind Vera Audio isn`t totally unknown. Together with composer and musician Sveinung Nygaard he is the man behind the company Lyd & Akustikk, also in Bergen. Here, acoustic products are the main ingredient, at least until now.

Vera Audio P400/1000

The new product name Vera Audio will stand for truth in the audio industry, totally free from for Snake-oil and other marketing humbug, according to Omholt. Hence the name "Vera" - Latin for truth.

The very first product is a powerful Class D power amplifier. The model name is P400/1000, and should be on the market one of these days. It has a powerful power supply and is based on Ncore NC500 modules from Hypex. The power is at 400W at 8 ohms, and as the model name reflects, it can be bridged to a 1000W mono block at 8 ohms.

According to the manufacturer, both noise and distortion are at a very low level. Also, there is gain adjustment in 3dB steps separately for each channel, making the P400 / 1000 adaptable to different configurations.

A cabinet cut into one Block of aluminium makes you start to get some classy vibrations. You know this kind of thing from Linn Klimax, and if used in the right way may be used to provide a very elegant cabinet. The limited imagery available supports the impression of an elegant finish, and then time will tell if it sticks to the real thing.

The price of Vera Audio P400/1000 is set at 29,000, -

More models on the horizon

But there are already several models in progress from Vera Audio. Bjørn Omholt states that there is a new power amplifier in progress that is expected to be ready in a few months, but he is not quite ready to reveal more details yet.

A little further ahead on the horizon, some speaker constructions with uncertain time perspective are considered. "The target is at least one model in sales by 2020,"  Bjørn Omholt states. «We are working on with a large horn model with active crossovers».

We are excited about the continuation, and wish Vera Audio good luck with a bold and exciting investment in the Norwegian- and hopefully eventually also international HiFi market.


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