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Cyrus Stream X Signature – ny streamer i Signature-serien fra Cyrus.

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Britiske Cyrus melder I dag om en ny streamer I sin ultimate Signature-serie. Den heter Stream X Signature.

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I august meldte vi om et nytt CD-drivverk i Signature-serien, Xt Signature. Den er myntet på å kombineres med Cyrus sin DAC XP Signature.


I dag mottok vi en pressemelding fra Cyrus som omhandler en helt ny streamer i Signature serien. Stream X Signature ble første gang vist på Bristol Hi-FI Show 21-23 februar.

Stream X Signature er et rent Streaming-«drivverk», som er avhengig av ekstern DAC. Den har dermed bare digial utgang. Av innganger finner du to optiske- og tre coax-digitalinnganger, en USB og en ethernet-inngang.

Stream X Signature tar de aller fleste filtyper, men ikke DSD. De støttede filtypene er WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, WMA, AIFF

Cyrus har laget en egen App som de kaller Cadence, som kan brukes til å styre Stream X Signature.




Skandinavisk importør er P S Audio

Forhandler på vestlandet: Hordaland HiFi


Les pressemeldingen fra Cyrus her:




6th March 2014, Cambridgeshire, UK


Cyrus Audio announces a new music streaming component to join its premium Signature Series range for 2014.


Today Cyrus announces the Stream X Signature; a music streamer which Technical Director Peter Bartlett claims provides “unparalleled sonic performance”. Combining compatibility with high resolution audio formats and the most advanced audio engineering, Stream X Signature is intended to be the finest music source available today.


Capable of streaming high resolution audio files at up to 24 bit/192 kHz and offering compatibility with the highest quality file formats, the Stream X Signature has been engineered to provide preeminent sonic performance. It allows wired or wireless connection to UPnP and DLNA devices, as well as USB host and coaxial SPDIF connections. These inputs are complimented by access to over 100,000 radio stations and podcasts through TuneIn Radio.


All of the products in Cyrus’s flagship Signature range are designed with sound quality in mind, and the Stream X Signature demonstrates this commitment with a host of audiophile grade components, filtering and acoustic design techniques.


The Stream X Signature offers control and navigation through either Cyrus’s bespoke iOS app Cadence or its specialist n-remote, a logical and intuitive control system.


Price and availability


Available now

Stream X Signature £1,250

Stream X Signature + n-remote £1,450


Stream X Signature in Detail


Enclosure                                Cyrus pressure die-cast aluminium chassis, black or quartz
Inputs                                     2 Optical, 3 coaxial, 1 USB and 1 RS232 12V input switching source
File compatibility                  WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, WMA, AIFF
Sample rate compatibility    high resolution 24 bit/192kHz
Outputs                                  1 coaxial SPDIF
Dimensions (H x W x D)        73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight                                   4.7kg
Cadence compatibility          iPhone with iOS 6.0 and above, iPad with iOS 5.0 and above iPod touch 3rd generation and above



Why is the Signature range so exciting for hi-fi and music lovers?

To celebrate Cyrus’s 30th anniversary, their engineers took everything they know about audio, and applied it to a no expense spared limited edition Anniversary System. Much of the engineering developed for that system has now been housed in the more affordable classic Cyrus die-cast aluminium chassis.


The Signature Series now includes the following:

Stream X Signature                                                   £1,250

DAC X Signature (DAC)                                             £1,750

DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp)                             £2,750

Mono X 200 Signature (mono power amp)                        £1,950

Mono X 300 Signature (mono power amp)                        £2,750

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