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RECORD NEWS: 2L - Pure Audio Blu-ray - Souvenir and Remote Galaxy in Version 2.0

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2L has released an updated edition of Souvenir and Remote Galaxy. And changes gives an interesting perspective.


What's new in v2.0 of these otherwise reputable records is that the entire 9.1 track is replaced. This track was the codec AURO-3D, the main competitor to Dolby Atmos in the battle for supremacy in the air, which we wrote about here .

Both of these releases were socalled "early adopters", and especially Souvenir was very early this format already in 2012, and after what we know it was the world's first Blu-ray release with AURO 3D.

Now Auro Technologies decided to make a revision of codecs to make it better suited to implementation in decoders situated in main-stream Japanese receivers. This updated codec could cause some compatibility problems with the old releases, and therefore 2L has chosen to create an updated version of these two releases, where all the AURO-3D tracks are replaced with updated ones.

The really nice side of this is that the battle for the air - or height channels - hardly is over, despite the fact that Dolby's overwhelming invasion of five of the major Japanese receiver manufacturers in the European market could indicate that it was game over. We can just take a look one and a half decade ago at the struggle between Dolby and DTS on DVD, where it early seemed to be hopeless for DTS. And some Dolby fans declared DTS as a dead format. And we saw how it went - DTS is now the preferred format by many, especially audiophiles. Could AURO 3D become the new DTS?



But these two releases are of course not primarily about Auro 3D - it's the only update that does. Remote Galaxy we have previously reviewed here , and therefore need no further description - just repeat that it is a record that should not be missed out if you value innovative and yet accessible contemporary music with great sound.

Souvenir is a recording with the Trondheim Soloists. Here they are back in Selbu Church as in the first release with the Trondheim Soloists at 2L with Mozart's violin concertos, which we reviewed here . In Souvenir they play works by Tchaikovsky and Carl Nielsen, and we'll be back with a review later.


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